Why should you Choose InfoTech

» InfoTech is in business since 1996. Our honesty and integrity throughout this long journey, helped us to achieve our customers trust and a goodwill.

» Our customer service is unparalleled in industry. We are fully US (California) based company with live customer service.

» Our moto is customer satisfaction and we go beyond our services to help our customers.

» We are financially secured with no financial obligation to any corporate or Banks.

Direct Dial Plan

With Direct Dial you can dial out from the comfort of your home with extremely low rates. The voice quality is excellent and there is no hassle in trying to work around your local phone company. This service works with standard landlines through AT&T, Verizon, Citizen etc. It does not work with local phone services with broadband, like Vonage, AT&T, Comsat, Time Warner or any other package deal that combine landline and internet services.

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Freedom Plan

With this plan, you can dial from your home phone or cell phone with a code #. That way you can bypass your main carrier and use our services to make calls at cheaper rates with high quality. You will recieve monthly bill upon your usage.

* Our rates are very competitive and subject to change sometimes with short notice.

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